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Master Storyteller & Professional Speaker

Rob Caskie is a master storyteller renowned for his captivating narratives that transport audiences into different times and places. With a deep passion for history and human behaviour, Rob weaves tales that are meticulously researched, passionately told, and designed to captivate listeners.

Born and raised in South Africa, Rob has always been fascinated by the stories of ordinary people doing extraordinary things when faced with challenges. This fascination led him to delve into the annals of history, exploring events and figures that demonstrate the resilience, leadership, and unity of the human spirit.

A Unique Approach to Storytelling

Rob’s storytelling transcends traditional presentations, transforming them into immersive experiences. He relies solely on the power of his words, creating vivid narratives that engage the audience’s imagination. His dynamic delivery and ability to connect with his listeners make each story a transformative journey.

An Experienced Speaker

With years of experience as a speaker, Rob has delivered his tales to diverse audiences, including large corporate clients, schools, luxury tour operators, and private events. He has been recognised by the Royal Geographic Society in London for his storytelling ability and has received numerous testimonials praising his unique style and the impact of his stories.

Inspiring Change Through Stories

Rob believes in the power of storytelling to inspire change. His stories focus on individuals or groups who have overcome challenges, achieved remarkable success, or demonstrated exceptional courage. These tales motivate listeners to find their true strength in difficult times and inspire personal and professional growth.


Join Rob on a journey through time, exploring captivating stories that resonate with our shared human experience. They are more than just tales; they are a call to action, an invitation to be inspired and to remember what each of us has inside.

Both your talks were exceptional and really hit the spot! Thanks for giving us two of your evenings and sharing these messages the way only you could have done. It was truly inspirational.

Chris Clarkson

“What a spectacular, emotional and last-forever experience that we had in that tour. Mind blowing”

Brian Abbott

“I hated History as a scholar…but the second you opened your mouth until you ended with “Thank you” you had my attention 110%, My mind did not wonder for even a single second. Your greatest gift is the spoken word and how you use it to great effect.” 

Les Mokare

“..while he’s spinning his magic he’s using historical stories to teach us human lessons and attributes that never age and will never die: things like loyalty and persistence, courage and teamwork. And that’s what makes Rob’s work so powerful.”

Patricia Glynn

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