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Emotions and opinions run riot at times like these. So many doubted that ex-President Jacob Zuma would actually go to jail on Wednesday night, yet with 35 minutes to spare he handed himself in at the Estcourt Correctional Facility. Along with Ace Magashule’s suspension, perhaps most underestimated the chaos that would result. National highway closures, public transport disruptions, widespread looting, burning and destruction of property – apparently caused by pro-Zuma supporters demanding his release? Personally I find it impossible to believe that most of the criminal activity taking place has anything whatsoever to do with Zuma’s incarceration. On Sunday afternoon, I drove past Mooi River, and although most of the wreckage had been cleared, the scenes where 27 trucks were burnt looked apocalyptic. What a stark contrast from our calm weekend enjoyed together at Three Tree Hill, many anxious about their safety en route home. Ian Gourley brilliantly drew the cartoon of me after the Spioenkop tour – what a special talent.
The financial woes of the Harrismith municipality are well-known, and it is hardly surprising that violent protests would emerge along the N3 highway at Harrismith. Would the situation be any different if Zuma and his cronies had not captured and looted the State during those dreadful 9 “stolen” years?

Could/should we have been better prepared for the pandemic of Covid? Gates and others spoke about the real possibility of such a pandemic long before January 2020, and 20 months on the world is still trying to come to grips with Covid-19. This virus is clearly going to destroy far more lives/livelihoods than it is ever going to take. When the Canadian Minister of Transport in February 2021 banned all ship cruising off Canadian coasts until February 2022, one is rudely reminded that those making decisions surrounding Covid and Lockdown restrictions do have have their lives/livelihoods affected in any way by such measures. Their salaries continue unabated. I wonder if a moment’s thought was given to all those communities on BOTH sides of Canada who rely so heavily on the cruise ship industry, who will now attempt to survive TWO complete seasons without income? Locally, museums fall under the Department of Arts & Culture, who in their infinite wisdom close all battlefields lest there be a crowd in the museums? How we wish for guests on the battlefields, never mind crowds…

On Saturday at Spioenkop I spoke about the chaos when British soldiers rushed forward to hand themselves over to the Boers – anything to get out of that bloody trench. Chaos reigned as private soldiers aren’t meant to surrender, Commanding Officers have that prerogative. As chaos reigns across our land, the Army being deployed in Pietermaritzburg, we soldier on. Decision-making left to those far higher up the food chain..We stand on the brink, may sense and sound decision-making prevail. When one considers the speed bumps along the road of Life, I never imagined how our lives would change on account of my motorbike accident in May 2019, how our 20Plenty year became 20Covid year, and now late in 2021 we are forced to face these Three C’s – Covid, Corruption and Chaos still?
As we remain optimistic, may I wish you well, always.

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