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Much has happened since my last blog regarding Covid, Corruption and Chaos (3 C’s), and what a joy to consider Three constants instead – Change/Choice and Principles, prompted by a newsletter. Covid has changed the world markedly, and with it we have been obliged to change our modus operandi significantly. I hope you recall the words on the flagstone in our friend’s garden – “Don’t complain about the darkness if you haven’t lit a candle”. With ALL work cancelled for the remainder of 2020, we had to quickly change to embracing an online environment, and began the Patreon storytelling program on 8 April 2020. Thank Goodness we did, it has proven to be a life-saver over the past 18 months. The ebb and flow over this period has been most interesting, between online talks, live presentations and battlefield tours. Grateful too to have avoided Covid thus far.

One great aspect about Life is the freedom of choice. Some however fail to realise the responsibility and consequence of choice. Indeed some make choices as if there were no consequences? As human beings we need to respect and evaluate the choices we make. Upcoming elections spring to mind – if you keep doing what you have always done, you will keep getting what you always got?
In this instance, I anticipate Choice and Principles being closely linked, since many of our choices are dependent upon our principles. Outside of our faith what do we really have as human beings, beyond principles? The mark of a man or woman, and in our industry absolutely crucial. It is often said that reputations are built over years, and ruined in seconds. We continue to run our little business based on an email, or a phone call believing in the better angels in our natures, and that our clients work to a similar set of principles to ourselves. A case in point are the talks planned in Cape Town beginning of August. Level 4 restrictions forced postponement of those talks, yet ALL have been resurrected for early October. What an affirmation regarding decent human principles. Some talks/tours have been moved 3 times on account of Covid protocols, yet all have become a reality. We fervently hope the foreign clients will return to our shores once they are permitted to travel, and we are no longer on the red list.

Michaelhouse have very kindly hosted me to speak about Delville Wood (Devil’s Wood), and then Spioenkop prior to the Grade 10 Journeys in that area. What magnificent facilities that school and boys enjoy. There have been 3 separate tours to Hlobane/Khambula north of Vryheid – two in glorious weather, one in snow/rain/mist and mud! As always, these tours become filled with much banter and laughter. Improvements to the 4×4 track to the summit of Hlobane mountain have created a rush on those tours, and what a delight to show visitors the Painted Mountain battlefield of 28 March 1879.

Alec Hogg very kindly hosted us to his Spring BizNews conference at Champagne Sports Resort, and what an inspiring time that was. Recent looting in KZN had centre stage, along with much investment advice, and networking.
In my last blog I mentioned Hope Springs. With work booked in the short-term future, along with another road trip to Cape Town, and recent rains, Life is blessing us abundantly.

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