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Last evening we joined the Ice Captain, Keith Johnson from Seattle, on the rear deck as we left Puerto Madryn. It was a balmy evening, the Valdes Peninsula off to the north, as we headed for the narrow entrance to this massive bay. We could see the remains of the caves the early Welsh settlers dug to afford them some shelter, along the shoreline. We took drinks, and dinner outside, and had a thoroughly enjoyable 2 hours chewing the cud, and reflecting on just how fortunate we all are. Keith’s only child, a gorgeous red head, is getting married shortly, to a Scotsman, in England, and we enjoyed learning more about her PhD literature studies.

Tomorrow finds us in Montevideo, Uruguay which we are very much looking forward to. A much smaller, gentler city than Buenos Aires by all accounts, and of course we are going for the obligatory beef lunch.
We have started packing our bags, sadly, as we get off early the following morning in Buenos Aires. South African journalist, Keri Harvey, met with me this morning, hoping to do a story for local consumption shortly.
Our conversation gave me much cause for reflection regarding my life thus far, the opportunities which have been presented, and what I have attempted to do with those opportunities. The extraordinary kindness the Holdcroft family extended to me after my father died, the incredible motorcycle trips whilst at university igniting the desire to travel further, and that the sharing of those adventures should eventually lead to an invitation to join David Rattray at Fugitives’ Drift. In the interim Kingsley Holgate afforded me the opportunity to travel across Africa with his family and crew, before I undertook some major travels abroad. The priorities after the Africa trip being to hike in the Himalayas, and drive the Alaskan-Canadian Highway. Thankfully all three priorities were realised with many special adventures along the way. Sensing the time had come to move on from Fugitives’ Drift, I began reading early Antarctic exploration seriously, with the intention of working on ships in the White South.

This brings me to the point we are at right now, cruising towards Montevideo, and Karen having enjoyed her first trip to Antarctica. It is almost unbelievable. This evening we enjoyed the most unbelievable sushi meal in Silk Road Restaurant, part of Nobu. After which we watched The light between two oceans movie, which was very moving indeed. With disruptive Trump in the USA, enormous issues in the Middle East, Brexit, Zuma, Zimbabwe, there is plenty to reflect upon from this oasis of luxury and calm steaming up the east coast of South America. Somehow we need to find our “place’, and hope we can remain safe.
Reflections indeed of a sombre nature, but a cruise like this provides food for thought….

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