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After considerable frustrations with the changed Emirates schedule out of Durban, and onwards to London, I thankfully arrived late Wednesday afternoon. A box of my Battlefield DVD’s, marked Fragile, arrived in pristine condition. Quite a difference to arriving in Lagos, it may be said. My first engagement was speaking for an estate agency conference at the Hurlingham Club. Those familiar with Hurlingham will understand when I mention that eyebrows could be heard knitting as I walked in dressed in shorts, carrying my stick. Clearly the members believed I had strayed off the Thames path onto their hallowed turf, best known for polo and croquet. I weaved the theme of Pursuit of Excellence into my stories, and reminded top-end estate agents that even theirs is essentially a business about human beings. Notwithstanding the immense responsibility they bear in dealing with most individuals’ largest asset purchase. It was a wonderful opportunity, and I hope my presentation met their expectations. The saying goes that “Those tired of London are tired of Life”. It is an incredible place, albeit very different with some pennies in one’s pocket as opposed to visits years ago as a backpacker. I love watching cars, the likes of which are absent or at best uncommon back home. Best of all is the people watching. Cheek by jowl folks from all over the world go about their daily business, in London for a myriad reasons. Mothers speak of schools representing 30 language groups, and indeed the ethnic diversity here is staggering. Of course, there is much discussion around recent election results, and the electoral system in general. Share prices jumped overnight, the Dollar slumped, and the Rand has plummeted! One can get a good meal back home for the price of a Latte’ at Starbucks. Today I attended a lunchtime event in Soho hosted by Steppes Travel. A glorious occasion at Kettners on Romilly Street. Some special clients who we are being encouraged to visit Antarctica. We chatted about early British exploration, and ended with the story of Frank Wild’s ashes and the discovery of the whisky under the Cape Royds hut in 2007. The afternoon ran away with us, hopefully a sign that everyone was enjoying themselves. With the remainder of this very exciting tour lying before me, Life is wonderful.