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In these most bizarre times of our generation, there is much to ponder.
One of my very special friends from Army days, now living in Nelspruit, suffered a life-threatening motor vehicle accident some 15 years back. His brother’s health has collapsed completely recently requiring major heart surgery in Cape Town. Unable to fly for 6 weeks post-operation, his release on Tuesday posed some interesting family dilemmas – home being Pretoria. Without hesitation, my friend left home on Tuesday evening, collected his brother’s daughter in Pretoria to assist with driving, and set off for Cape Town. Delivered patient and daughter safely home in Pretoria, and my friend was back in Nelspruit at 8.30am on Thursday morning (lock down day) having completed this 3600km mercy mission in 40 hours.
As families are compelled to spend this time together, I am wondering about the challenges, benefits and net result ultimately. What a unique opportunity to spend time with our loved ones? As China’s skies clear, Venice’s canals ever more translucent and air quality improves exponentially, one has to see many silver linings in the clouds of lock down.

After my recent exquisite experiences in Chile, I reflect on those miners trapped underground for 69 days, at 39 degrees Centigrade in the dark and humidity. Are we reassessing our fervent desires for instant gratification? Most importantly, I reflect upon those less fortunate than ourselves, those separated from their loved ones, those with loved ones in hospital who may not be visited and those whose line of work exposes them unusually to this Covid19 virus.

We are choosing to Open up, enjoy the wildlife and birds in our garden, and make the best of this for now unchangeable situation. Would encourage you to act responsibly, stay safe and make the best of these challenging times…. #inshorts

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