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The recent winds and subsequent movements of the grasses have given me much food for thought. The veld grasses in front of our home swirl and wave in the wind, rather like velvet. Metaphorically I think about our government, swirling and waving in the face of this pandemic – the levels of vacillation and uncertainty staggering. Many businesses seemingly also unsure of their future, the future, and quite what move to make next? Individuals too, finding the uncertainty numbing, influenced by the media’s fear-mongering. Like the grasses in the wind, waiting for calm to resume – how long will it be, and what is the new normal going to look like?

My approach to this pandemic has been enormously influenced by the flagstone in a friend’s garden, on which lie the words : ‘If you haven’t lit a candle, don’t complain about the darkness’.
Our lighting a candle comprised starting an online storytelling program via Patreon, which is thankfully developing nicely. Link in signature line below. Alternatively https://www.patreon.com/robcaskie/posts
To boot, I am feeling gradually more comfortable speaking to a camera! Far more importantly is what individuals and businesses can do to light a candle in their respective circumstances. No doubting that progressive thoughts are required in these times, rather than assuming that the wind will abate, and Life will resume as it was before?

These same winds found colleague and friend, Charles Aikenhead, owner at Rorke’s Drift Hotel, lose control of a fire-break last week. The fire completely consumed an entire accommodation block. Charles fighting the fire, collapsed and died of a heart attack. A very sad loss to the greater area, may Charles Rest in Peace.

There is no doubt that winds of change are blowing powerfully all over the world. We need to adapt our sails accordingly, take responsibility, and NOT be paralysed by fear or uncertainty. Winds of change bring new opportunities too…
If you FEAR something, you give it POWER. If you give it POWER over you, you become a VICTIM. If you become a VICTIM, you cannot live your life without FEAR, and it STEALS your LIFE.

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