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The past few weeks have flashed by, and the night in London feels other worldly.
In cold, wet conditions, I took a group of locals to Isandlwana and Rorke’s Drift, including 3 teenage boys. It was a wonderful outing – the power of those human stories overcoming the challenges weather threw our way.

One aspect I love about the Midlands is the proximity to fly-fishing for trout. There is something unusually cerebral and calming in casting a fly for trout, off the bank or float tube. A friend and I went to a large dam near Underberg to try our luck, and were fortunate enough to land 3 good trout which were immediately smoked back home. I hope 2018 provides ample opportunity for fishing, where thoughts of the Zuptas, Eskom, SAA, Steinhoff and Radical Economic Transformation seem inappropriate? I live in hope, my glass full.

Ever since Patrick Woodhead and his company, White Desert, took me to Antarctica in December 2011, I have been returning to the White Continent annually. Last year I was blessed with 14 weeks in the ice on 3 separate tours. I am flying down to Ushuaia in Patagonia shortly, to work on Le Lyrial, with Abercrombie & Kent. Antarctica remains a dream, bucket list item for so many, and rightly so. Never mind being the Seventh Continent, nothing can prepare one for the silence, the wildlife, the visual magnificence and the remoteness of this most beguiling of destinations. Internet connection permitting, I shall be posting daily blogs from the ship, as we visit South Georgia and the Antarctic Peninsula.

May I take this opportunity to remind you of my books and DVD’s which make wonderful Christmas gifts and easily posted/couriered to you.

Wishing you and yours a safe, blessed, happy Festive Season. May your 2018 be filled with success and happiness, as I succumb to those little white voices which keep calling me back….

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