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The excitement of BA, along with the noise of a city which hardly sleeps, led to a very poor night’s rest. The re-cobbling of sidewalks below our hotel window required a concrete mixer to run all night. BA traffic makes such maintenance impossible during the day, but not conducive to a good night’s sleep. The anticipation of flying to Iguassu Falls probably played her part too. We were up early, to catch a taxi to Newberry Aeroparque, enjoying the fishermen trying their luck along the Rio Plata. We took off and could clearly see Serenity still docked at the quayside. However, we flew into cloud very quickly, and there was some disturbing turbulence. I noticed some terrified faces around me. We had specifically secured window seats to enjoy the scenery en route to Iguassu – alas, that was not to be. Nonetheless, we landed in rain at Iguassu and caught a taxi to the Sheraton.

Before any comments on staying at the Sheraton are made, let me stress that the hotel overlooks the falls, is situated within the national park, and its residents can enjoy the Falls an hour earlier and an hour later than the masses who descend on these narrow pathways. Having spent the money to get here, as a bucket-list Life experience, the Sheraton is THE place to stay. Other hotels are situated in Iguassu town, 18km away, requiring taxis in both directions. Having required oxygen to adjust to local prices, and settled into the hotel, we changed into light, loose clothes and took off to the falls.

Nothing could have prepared us for the sheer wonderment that is Iguassu. No less than 250 individual waterfalls, amounting to 1900 cubic meters/second pouring over a 3km semi-circle of rock, creating a boiling cauldron and spray below. I have always had a very special place in my heart for Victoria Falls, and always have, but this is a completely different and most magical experience. The climate and rainfall hereabouts creates the most verdant rainforest. Monkeys, Coatis, Possums abound, along with Turkey Buzzards and Toucans with their massive, gorgeous orange bills. I walked along with my jaw agape, feeling I may just as well be in the imaginary Garden of Eden.

A very elaborate, well-constructed series of metal walkways enables visitors incredible access to view the Falls from all sides. Powerful jet boats take visitors right up to the base of the Falls, ensuring the guests return soaked, and ecstatic. We got sopping wet. Eventually it started raining steadily, yet we walked slowly back feeling absolutely euphoric. This place is so much more than I imagined, and I am always delighted when the reality exceeds the expectation.
We are looking forward to dinner, having foregone lunch in lieu of viewing the Falls, but most of all looking forward to a good night’s rest. I shall be out early enjoying the Falls without thousands of tourists elbowing one another aside on the narrow walkways. Karen comments regularly that folks tend not to greet one another here. Based on general friendliness back home, we find it strange.
As Siegfried Sassoon so beautifully said, base your Life not on how many breaths you take, but rather on how many times Life takes your breath away. Today is one of those extraordinary moments I shall cherish forever. May I rest well, and be prepared for tomorrow….
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