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In March last year I returned from 6 weeks in Antarctica to learn that ALL work for the remainder of 2020 had been cancelled on account of hitherto unknown Corona virus. It was clearly evident that live presentations and storytelling were going to be out of the question for the foreseeable future. Within 10 days we launched an online storytelling program on Patreon on which I share a story weekly with subscribers. Our mantra being “Don’t complain about the darkness if you have not lit a candle”. Patreon storytelling was our first attempt at lighting the candle, and what a privileged journey it has been.
I share live chats with Patrons on Zoom, they tell me what stories they wish to hear, and it has proven a worthy substitute for not being able to see one another in person. Especially with those Patrons far away. Please consider becoming a Patron, especially if you enjoy bite-sized stories to enjoy over a cup of coffee or glass of wine. Also, subscribers have access to all the back stories dating back to 8 April 2020.


There is no reason why any of my stories cannot be shared/enjoyed online. We have created a basic home studio, complete with green wall for virtual backgrounds. Clients have been gracious enough to engage my services for various gatherings – from birthdays to dinners, from celebrations of Life to detailed corporate presentations. Now, more than ever, many are looking for beacons of Hope, Leadership, Resilience, Valour, Decency and the role that Intuition may play in our daily lives. Of course, most are searching fervently for ways to adjust their responses to massively changed circumstances? With 20 years of Engaging Storytelling experience now, I feel I can tailor a story from amongst my extensive repertoire to illuminate one or more of these ideals.

Speaker/author and coach Paul du Toit recently interviewed me regarding this online journey and its development over the past 9 months. Please watch this video, if you are interested….. https://youtu.be/wry3XNto6lw

The virtual environment also affords us the opportunity to engage/interact with folks all over the globe (time zones permitting). One of my clients, a shipping and logistics company, being denied the opportunity to visit their clients all over the world have adopted a fascinating alternative. Being intrigued by the Shackleton Whisky story  https://nzaht.org/category/conserve/shackletons-hut/, they have sent all their clients a bottle of the rare replica whisky. The clients may not open the bottle until the company have completed their online meeting. At which point I tell the Shackleton Whisky story whilst the clients enjoy a dram, and reflect upon their relationship with said client. Brilliant.

At a time when gatherings and live interaction is considered unsafe, the online options are practically endless. Please consider engaging me to share a story with family, friends or clients as we await safer times together?

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