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It is 4 weeks since my knee surgery following my motorbike accident on 5 May.

Four weeks of serious introspection, and especially to count one’s blessings. Given the possibilities I consider myself extremely fortunate to have escaped alive, without head, neck or spinal injuries and limbs relatively intact. Dr James McAllister worked magic with my various Tibial Plateau fractures, and recovery is progressing well. Indeed well enough for James to grant us permission to proceed with our ship program in Canada, Alaska, Greenland and the North-West Passage. What utter delight and relief for us.

Given the appeal of my Campfire Storytelling session onboard Crystal Serenity, whilst seated in a chair – it was perhaps a portent of things to come. Whilst preferring to move about during my talks, there is much to be said for audience engagement when the speaker remains stationary.

Children in the Wilderness invited me to speak at their Tour de Tuli launch at Wilderness Safaris HQ in Rivonia. It was wonderfully hosted by Graham Fehrsen, and I loved the challenge of trying to give the audience some sense of place and history, whilst seated. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

Unfortunately our May UK lecture tour was cancelled at a week’s notice, so we are now resurrecting a tour for October 2019 (8th to 24th), and hoping to fill most nights with a talk. The British have always been extraordinarily kind to us, and 2019 is proving no exception. We are always looking for new hosts/venues gracious enough to host an event.

The wonderful fellows I was riding with in the Eastern Cape, prior to my accident en route home, immediately decided to host a Storytelling evening in Durban to help us along. The response has been little short of remarkable – an event planned for 40 guests/friends has grown to 110 guests, with tickets still being requested. It promises to be a great evening, filled with banter, shared experiences and friendship.

On 5 May, our lives were turned upside down, and Karen has magnificently turned it all rightside up again. All things considered, the Universe is very kind to us, and we look forward to continue making a positive contribution as and where we can.


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