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Thank Heavens for late season rains over much of the country – let us hope they assist in producing bumper maize and cereal crops. We are going to need them. Zimbabwe even moreso.
With self-isolation after my Antarctica/Argentina/Chile trips in February and March becoming lock down, this has been an interesting 6 weeks, and another to go yet. Thankfully it has given us opportunity to launch my online storytelling, despite equipment/recording challenges. In May, my stories include the building of the Alaska-Canada Highway in 1942, and a look at some of the sticks in my collection given their importance in African culture. I speak too about Shaka -Africa’s Napoleon, and the death of the last Napoleon. Louis Jean Joseph Napoleon was killed by Zulus in an ambush situation in Zululand on 1st June 1879. Hopefully the May highlight of 5 stories will be the extraordinary tale of Harry Wolhuter killing a lion with a knife in the very early days of the Kruger National Park.

We launched my online storytelling on Patreon on 8 April, and early reports would indicate that subscribers are enjoying the stories hugely. All support is enormously appreciated. We hope this is a welcome change and respite perhaps from all the online noise at present. Free webinar fatigue is setting in very quickly indeed? A subscription makes a great gift at a time when conventional shopping is challenging.

Patreon link : https://www.patreon.com/robcaskie/posts

Howick Falls can be clearly heard from our home, such is the volume of water spilling out of Midmar Dam, en route to Albert Falls Dam. What a delight! The local wildlife seem to have become very habituated with little traffic, and folks at home. Activity amongst the Warthogs indicates that in 150-180 days, there will be plenty of little Pumba’s around in the Spring. A Rufous-breasted Sparrowhawk is making short work of young Queleas and Mannikins, who have not yet learnt to evade its attentions by diving into foliage. The Sparrowhawk’s aerial manouvres as it darts between bushes are most impressive.

Of course, we are all hoping the restrictions on exercising will be eased next week. Oh, for a decent walk or bicycle ride…
Until we may travel between Provinces, I am very much hoping some Natalians may join me on the battlefields. Please don’t let 2020 slip by with you still saying “I have been dying to go there for years!”
Plenty of fresh air and space – social distancing no issue at all. And I will do much of the talking once we get there, come on.

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