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Our last evening on board Crystal Serenity was enjoyed having dinner in Prego speciality restaurant. Our dear friend, Moira MacCarthy from Ireland joined us, along with the Ice Captain, and Tim and Renee’ Grey. Tim is from New York City, and the videographer on board. He takes a teasing very well, as does Keith Johnson, and a royal evening was had. It was wonderful having two Americans to pull the Mickey out of. Renee’ hales from Italy, and indeed they were married on Capri.

There was a sense of melancholy with almost all of us disembarking this morning, after a magical voyage together, wondering when we may see one another again. Of course, Karen could hardly contain herself early this morning, realizing we were docked in Buenos Aires. A massive crane was loading containers, and had the most incredible alarm every time it moved. I fear many guests on board thought it was Chinese water torture at 6am. Along with Argentines communicating at a volume any parade Sergeant Major would have been very proud of, one was obliged to get up and enjoy the activity on the quayside. Lorries were being loaded in quick succession, the crane moved with its sonorous alarm, buses lined up to disembark our guests and BA was on the move. Compared to the calm of Antarctica, even the activity in Montevideo, BA appeared to be on steroids! We were the last to disembark, after a final coffee in the Bistro, and quickly caught a taxi to the Pulitzer Hotel in down-town BA.

Once again I was chastised for not having shared sufficiently the excitement of BA, or just how nice this hotel is? We took a walk to orientate ourselves, trying unsuccessfully to find sun hats for the twins. Can anyone believe that in a country as hot as Argentina, there are no baby sun hats available anywhere? Thankfully the weather was cool and overcast, and we marvelled at the modernity of BA. Incepted to be the Paris of the South, there is so much that is distinctly Parisian down here. We took a city tour, which as wonderful, learning much about the city, the immigrant history, the tumultuous political history, culminating at the mausoleum of Evita Perron. It was quite a shock getting onto the bus and being greeted by many guests off the ship staying at various hotels. The very idea of these mausoleums reaching deep beneath the ground, housing bodies/coffins of wealthy folk is most unusual to us, but rather prestigious in these parts.
We enjoyed a typical wood-fired barbecue meal for dinner, before returning to our hotel to get ready for early flights to Iguassu Falls in the morning. Since South America is a place I have not travelled at all, this is an absolute delight, and especially good to have Karen with me.
I guess Pisceans will always love water, and Iguassu is one place I have long wished to visit.

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