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In my last blog, I wrote about Harry Wolhuter killing a lion with his sheath knife in the early days of the Kruger Park, attacked whilst executing patrol duties. In the last few weeks a caged lion attacked his keeper, and a giraffe killed a photographer. Timely reminders that animals too should be treated with respect. A friend of mine raised a leopard cub in Bulawayo, and I clearly recall him evaluating the animal in adult life before entering the enclosure. Often times he would say “Not today”. Latterly I have been reflecting much about Transmitters and Receivers – literally mouths and ears, but more importantly what we transmit to others, and what they receive in those messages, often unspoken. On Sunday night Carte Blanche had a piece on folks who are losing their voices, and the therapists “banking” their voices for use when they can no longer speak. Have you ever considered how fundamental to your identity your voice is? In our game, crucial! The Neuro Linguistic experts will tell us that less than 10% of communication is created by our words, the remainder created by tone and body language.

Perhaps why a phone call is preferable to an email, but that is an entirely different debate. Looking at the footage of the lion attack, it would be fair to say the signs were very clear – do NOT enter the enclosure. Moreso than ever, I am convinced that listening properly, and observing carefully (Receiving) before responding/reacting (Transmitting) can much improve the quality of our interactions, relationships and daily life?

After a very slow start to the year, April was busy with battlefield tours and local talks, including Supper Club at Ray’s Cafe’ in Howick, and Oaklands Country Manor at van Reenen. During the Freedom Day long weekend we camped with friends at Wagendrift Dam outside Estcourt. Camping is always such a delight, but as a Piscean standing below the dam wall with water pouring over the top and gushing through the sluice gates was a highlight. Mindful that so much of the country is still gripped by drought, one wishes we could send this bounty to the Eastern or Western Cape. The sight from the N3 is marvellous, but standing in the spray below the wall is very special indeed.

In May various special clients engaged me to speak at Hilton College Fleur de Lys Club, Thanda Game Reserve, Brahman Hills at Mount West and the battlefields. Driving around the country is always a great way to reconnect with our land, and speaking under the stars at a bush dinner in Thanda was noteworthy. I made the schoolboy error of admitting to enjoying a Rum and Coke after a talk. This company have a tradition of downing a drink out of a kudu horn. Never having excelled at downing anything, sinking a large Rum and Coke was challenging to say the least.
Based on many previous weekends away, very successfully, with Jaguar Land Rover clients from Durban, we returned to Fugitives’ Drift Lodge. A fantastic weekend was had filled with good humour, laughter, friendship and client appreciation. There are more such excursions lined up later this year and I can hardly wait.

It is impossible to express our gratitude that work has picked up after the very slow start to 2018. Along with the sale of DVD’s, books and now flash drives (holding the audio tracks to listen to in a motorcar), our cups runneth over.

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